Together instead of lonely.

AAs a full service agency for incentives and congresses, we are happy to look for the needle in our haystack for our customers. The main thing is that the haystack is somewhere between Salzburg and the Salzkammergut. And the needle? We'll be happy to surprise you!

Cool projects for demanding customers

Our object of desire can be an unusual place or a person who leads us there. A natural spectacle that maybe only occurs every hundred years. Ok, ok, that was a little over the top. But once a year, that would fit well into our concept. An abandoned alpine hut with a reachability factor of minus 10. A castle with the right spirit and key experiences. Perhaps you also know the Salzkammergut Lake Numero 77, which has so far been able to hide from all over the world. And contacts to domestic or international personalities are also always welcome!

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